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All about Wasps

Find out all about wasps, how we treat them and even about how big their nests can be below...

Signs of a Wasp problem

Common signs include...

  • Regular buzzing or humming sounds
  • You will know if you have a wasp nest if you see wasps frequently going into a specific area, usually under a gutter, the eaves, an air vent or in a garden bush.
  • Regular wasps or hornets activity at a specific location, usually a hole in a tree, hanging off a bush or tree branch, within the eaves of your house, lofts, attics and garden sheds, the list can go on.
  • Please note that there are a number of UK trees to which wasps can appear in great numbers where they feed on the sap, this doesn’t mean there is a nest, this a phenomenon that occurs, and unfortunately cannot be treated, only a nest can be treated.

Wasp nests usually appear between July and September, however they can appear later in the year in mild weather conditions.

Wasps often nest in lofts and attics

Photo credit: Killgerm Group Limited

Approaching a Wasp Nest can be dangerous. If you see possible signs of a wasp or hornet nest call a pest control expert who is suitably protected and trained. Even if you don't call us, please call someone who is an expert, it's not worth the trip to the hospital and the distress that can come from multiple wasp stings, believe me I can tell you from experience!

Treatment for Wasps

Treatment consists of applying an insecticide directly to the nest or the entrance holes of concealed nests. It usually takes one visit from us to get rid of the nest and to make your home safe and wasp free.

At the end of a single summer a nest may contain 20,000 or more wasps so leaving it alone is not a suitable option.

Important information about Wasp Nests

It's worth repeating that we strongly advise that you don't attempt to destroy a Wasp Nest yourself as this can be dangerous and there is a high chance of the wasps stinging you. Also caution is needed when approaching any wasp nest, if wasps start to feel threatened they will sting you, so if you are unsure just give us a call and we will come out the same day if possible and safely destroy the nest for you. At Lancashire Pest Control we are extremely professional and trained in safe methods of all Wasp Nest Removal.

So if you come across a Wasp Nest just give our helpful team a call, or even if it is just advice that you would like, we will be more than happy to help.

We are based in Chorley near junction 8 M61, we are literally no more than an hour away from anywhere in Lancashire.

The Pesky Wasp

There are two types of wasp commonly found in the UK, the Common Wasp and the German Wasp. The queens hibernate during the winter months in buildings or under the bark of trees.

Wasps are social insects and their queens construct new nests every year. The nests can be found underground, in trees, bushes and buildings, particularly under eaves, lofts and wall cavities. Four to six weeks after the initial batch of eggs are laid the first generation of workers emerge. The workers take over the responsibility of maintaining and building the growing nest, whilst the queen devotes her time to laying. During spring and early summer wasps usually feed on other insects, such as flies, caterpillars, spiders etc. It is in late summer that they become more partial to a sweeter diet, and then become a nuisance.
At the end of summer a nest may contain 20,000 or more wasps so leaving it alone is not a suitable option.

In spring the queens look for nesting sites such a hole in the ground, a hollow tree or in spaces within the eaves of a building, lofts, attics and garden sheds, etc.

Larger European wasps which are becoming more common in the UK are found mainly in trees and bushes hanging off branches and are about the size of a small football! The queen will build her golf ball size nest with a papery material that she makes by chewing small pieces of wood mixed with saliva.

A Worker wasp will search for food up to 400 metres away from the nest. Workers feed mainly on sugary materials such as nectar or sap off certain types of trees and another favorite is ivy.

Facts about wasp nests

  • The size of a wasp nest will vary from year to year.
  • A nest can contain between 5 – 20,000 wasps.
  • A nest can grow up to the size of a football (Ahhh!) Don't believe me? Look at this collection of photos of wasp nests


Have you noticed that most Pest Control companies don't tell you the price upfront? Not us.

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Complete Wasps Nest removal is from £45 per treatment

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That's it, nothing more.

Most nests only requre 1 treatment. It's quite exceptional circumstances that would require a second treatment e.g. if the nest is huge and difficult to penetrate. We'd be able to tell you upfront if we expect more than one treatment.

Any additional nests will be charged at £12 each

The catch

There are no hidden fees and we always tell you the price before we start.

Prices elsewhere

We surveyed the price for wasp nest destroyed by local councils on 19th June 2017 and found the following prices, which shows how we compete on price:

  • Chorley Council service £41 for visit plus £41 for treatment
  • Bolton Council service £57
  • Blackburn & Darwen service £48
  • Burnley council service £52.15
  • Wigan council service £36.31
  • Preston council does not offer a service for wasps
  • Lancashire Pest Control £45 - We don't charge VAT :-)
Please note that we're not trying to compete on price alone, we compete on quality and value, otherwise known as getting the job done right and at a fair price.

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We are committed to providing you with a first class service at a competitive price.

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