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All about Mice

Find out all about Mices, how we treat them and even about how big their nests can be below...

Signs of a Mice problem

Common signs include...

  • You may see small droppings usually the size and shape of rice or even smaller, or shredded paper or plastic, which is used for making nests.
  • Occasionally there may be small holes in the skirting boards, but not as big as Tom & Jerry!
mice often nest under floor boards

Photo credit: Killgerm Group Limited

Treatment for Mice

Mice are treated using rodenticide and traps placed in specific locations. It is rodenticide that gets rid of nearly all mice problems.

So if you come across a Mouse just give our helpful team a call, or even if it is just advice that you would like, we will be more than happy to help.

We are based in Chorley near junction 8 M61, we are literally no more than an hour away from anywhere in Lancashire.

The Pesky Mouse

The House Mouse Mus domesticus is the most common of the 38 species of mouse found in urban Britain today.Mice along with Rats may enter buildings at ground level through small openings such as air bricks and at roof level by climbing the walls directly or with the aid of external pipes.

House mice do not generally show neophobic responses to new objects in their environment such as bait, in fact they tend to investigate new objects and feed relatively readily for new food. However mice seem to get bored easily and move to a different food.

Mice have a similar breeding cycle to rats and so therefore can become a serious infestation in a relatively short time


Have you noticed that most Pest Control companies don't tell you the price upfront? Not us.

We offer complete reassurance from £135

Complete Mouse nest removal is from £135 for 3 treatments

We charge £135 for a typical 3 visit treatment to a 'standard' size domestic property.

That's it, nothing more.

The catch

There are no hidden fees and we always tell you the price before we start.

Please note that we're not trying to compete on price alone, we compete on quality and value, otherwise known as getting the job done right and at a fair price.

Our price promise

We are committed to providing you with a first class service at a competitive price.

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