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All about Bed bugs

Most bedbug infestations are found in domestic premises, usually in the bedrooms. They hide away in cracks and crevices for most of the time and come out at night, usually between dusk and dawn.

As bed bugs cannot fly they must either crawl or be passively transported in clothing, or more probably in luggage, furniture, books and other objects used whilst travelling.

Find out all about Bed bugs, how we treat them below...

Signs of a Bed bug problem

Common signs include...

  • The sign of bedbugs is usually small raised bites on the arms, upper back and lower limb areas.
  • Also blood spots on the sheets or mattress and very small black specks around the edges of the mattress.
  • Sometimes in a badly infected room or area a sweet smell can occur.
Inspecting for bed bugs

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How do you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be spread by purchasing secondhand furniture and jumble sales, although a high proportion is also brought into the country by travellers and so hotels and hostels are often at risk. The bed bug is found worldwide and throughout the UK.

Bed bug infestations are not associated with dirt and squalor and can occur in any establishment or home.

Treatment for Bed bugs

Lancashire Pest Control specialises in getting rid of bedbugs and our professional service will make sure you’re completely bed bug free.

It is important that bedbugs are professionally treated using residual insecticide applied in a spray and dust form, but pre-preparation of the property by the client is key to a good outcome.

Bed bugs can be difficult to spot

How to get rid of Bed bugs

  1. Book your preferred time for treatment – If you’re happy with our quote we can usually start the treatment straight away or we can come back at a time that suits you.
  2. We’ll do the rest - We usually perform up to three visits to make sure you’re completely bed bug free.

We will treat the bed frames, mattress, internal wall / floor junctions of any affected rooms. We can also treat cupboards and work surfaces, if they have been cleared.

You will be asked not to wash or vacuum the treated area for at least seven days unless it is essential, as this will remove the insecticide. Seeing one or two bedbugs after an area has been treated is very common. If large numbwers of bedbugs are present after seven days, a revisit may be necessary and further treatments required. We recommend a minimum of two visits as standard.

If there are Bed bugs, we will find them

Preparing for a bed bugs treatment

Before treatment we recommend that you

  • Remove linen, curtains and clothes from the affected area, transporting them in a sealed plastic bag (You can use a Bin bag but make sure you tie up the bag).
  • Wash all linen etc on a hot (60 degrees C), washing for at least 30 minutes, or tumble dry on a hot setting for a similar period.

So if you have a bed bug problem just give our helpful team a call, or even if it is just advice that you would like, we will be more than happy to help.

We are based in Chorley near junction 8 M61, we are literally no more than an hour away from anywhere in Lancashire.

The Pesky Bed bug

About Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

The adult bed bug is a flat oval insect approximately 6mm long. The young stages resemble the adults only smaller. Bed bugs are mahogany brown in colour and have long, well-developed legs for walking and gripping onto surfaces. When fully fed they take on a more oval appearance. The overall colour can also change depending on when it last had a blood meal.

If you can slide a piece of paper into a crack then a bed bug can get in.

Bed bugs do not live on the host but nearby, secreting themselves in minute cracks and crevices around sleeping areas. In a typical bedroom bed bugs would be in the frame of the bed, in the bedside furniture, seams of nearby curtains, behind switches and electrical sockets, inside bedside telephones, behind loose wallpaper or even in clocks and radios. As a rule of thumb, if you can slide a piece of paper into a crack then a bed bug can get in.

Bed bugs can be spread by the secondhand furniture trade and jumble sales, although a proportion is also brought into the country by travellers and so hotels and hostels are often at risk.

Mating takes place off the host, the female attaching up to 200 eggs to the structure in small numbers of 4 or 5 per day. As the female deposits the eggs they are covered by a thin layer of quick drying glue which cements firmly to the surface. Once hatched they take an average of about 4 months, depending on temperature and food supplies, to develop to adulthood.

Following feeding on the host the bed bug can find itself too fat to return to its harbourage so it is able to exude the water content of the blood in the form of a spot to enable it to squeeze back into its refuge. In heavy infestations the presence of many of these “bloodspots” is confirmation of an infestation.

Night time feeders!!!

Bed bugs are nocturnal and will only feed at night. They tend to feed on areas exposed during sleep, and so bites will be seen mostly around the head and shoulders. Bed bugs cause unpleasant irritation from their bites, leading to loss of sleep and possible infection by scratching of bites. Heavy infestations are characterised by a distinctive odour and this can be difficult to live with.


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Complete Bed Bugs removal is from £90 per visit

To teat for bedbugs will require two treatments two weeks apart. Bedbugs are extremely resistant to physical attack and a thorough treatment is vital and such treatments take time.

Example Pricing

For bedbug infestations in a 1-2 bedroom house we recommend a minimum of two visits costing £180 (£90 per visit).

The cost of treatment for a 3 bedroom house is £250 (£125 per visit).

The cost of treatment for a 4 bedroom house is £320 (£160 per visit).

The cost of treatment for a 5 bedroom house is £390 (£195 per visit).

Please note we usually treat the bedroom areas only when treating for bedbugs.

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